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Wedding Films

documentary package

This package documents the whole day, but doesn't include creative post-production edits. It comes with 3 separate videos:

1. Full, uncut video of the ceremony

2. Full, uncut video of the reception toasts

3. Raw footage reel - this package comes with 10 hours of wedding day coverage, and all footage that is captured is put together in a 30 min video. The clips will be in chronological order, and set to a series of songs the client chooses.

highlight package

10 minute video highlighting the entire day. The best shots are creatively edited together using music and voiceover.


A 30 second teaser video is released a few weeks after the wedding.

love story package

On top of wedding day coverage, this package also includes an interview shoot with the couple prior to the wedding. Using that footage, I put together a 5 minute love story video to play at the reception.


After the wedding day, I produce a 10 minute highlight video using wedding day footage as well as clips from the interview.


This package also includes a 30 second teaser video that will be released a few weeks after the wedding.

Packages start at $2200. Please inquire for full pricing guide!

what to expect

booking + Pre-Production

The first step to reserve your date is to pay a 20% deposit and sign the contract. Leading up to the wedding, I work with the client and photographer to create a shot list for the day. I also touch base with the DJ, officiant, and any other vendors that will be involved in the day.

wedding day

I try to blend into the background for most of the day - I like to capture candid moments vs staging everything. Don't get me wrong, there are some things that will be staged, but I feel that those genuine moments when people don't know they're being filmed are what make each couple/video unique! I have a wide variety of equipment to capture high quality video and audio during all parts of the day. Your remaining balance is due 1 week before the day of the wedding.


The "highlight" and "love story" packages come with a 30 second teaser video, which will be posted on my page a few weeks after the wedding. The final video(s) will be done 10-12 weeks after the wedding - it will first be posted on my social media pages (see icons at the bottom of the page for links), and then I will send you a link to download your own copy of the file!

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