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social media retainer

how it works

First and foremost, we have an initial meeting to discuss how your specific business can best utilize social media. We discuss what kinds of content would be beneficial to produce every month, and I also do a quick training session with whoever will be posting.


At the start of each month, I consult with the client to discuss what they want captured for that particular month. Then we plan a day for me to shoot the content. From there, I put the posts together and send the client a link where they can download them to their device. Posts will be a mixture of photos, reels/videos, graphics, etc.

Each social media platform has its own little quirks, so every post I create will come in different "versions" that are cropped/edited specifically for each platform to accommodate those differences. For example, the client's download links might look something like this:

Post #1, Facebook version

Post #1, Instagram version

Post #2, Facebook version

Post #2, Instagram version


So not only is all of the content made for you, but it also eliminates all the guesswork about how each social media platform works and how you should post on each one. Literally all you'll have to do is download the post, add a caption, and hit "post".

If you're also interested in promotional videos (things like commercials, videos for your website, employee recruitment, etc, see retainer option #3. 

retainer options

one: $200/month

- 7 posts per month

two: $300/month

- 15 posts per month

three: $500/month

- 15 posts per month

- Promotional video produced every 3 months

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