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recent work

Pricing will vary. Please inquire for a quote!

what to expect

booking + Pre-Production

The first step to getting on my schedule is to pay the deposit and sign the contract. The tasks in this phase can vary from project to project depending on what the documentary will be about. But broadly speaking, this phase will primarily be about gathering and organizing information. We'll get in contact with the appropriate people, we'll find articles, artifacts, and anything else that we want to include in the documentary, and we'll nail down dates, times, locations, and other specifics about when we'll be shooting.

shoot day

The remaining balance is due at this time. This could potentially be broken up into multiple shoots depending on the project. But every time we're shooting, I do my best to execute the plan that we set in the pre-production phase, while at the same time being flexible with any unforeseen circumstances that come up (weather, delays, etc). I have a wide variety of equipment to capture high quality video and audio in most environments!

gallery delivery

I will periodically touch base with the client as I edit, as documentaries can take a little longer to produce. When the first draft is done, I will send it to the client and they will have an opportunity to request an edits. We'll work together to finalize the documentary, and then I will send the final cut!

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