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event coverage Pricing

event coverage videos

Video production is very versatile. Each project is unique, and therefore will require different amounts of time and effort to put together. That being said, videos are priced based on two things - the length of the final cut, and the complexity of the production.


For length, videos range from 30 seconds to 4 minutes. If you have an idea for a longer video, contact me for a custom quote!

As for complexity, videos are broken down into two levels:

Level 1 videos include footage and copyrighted music.  

Level 2 videos include footage, copyrighted music, as well as audio coverage at the event (for example, if someone will be speaking).


Level 1


Level 2











event coverage photography


As a general rule of thumb for the number of photos you can expect to get back per hour...


I can guarantee 15 photos/hour if the photoshoot requires a lot of staging for each thing that's being photographed.


If it's more of a lifestyle shoot, meaning there won't be a lot of lighting adjustments and staging, I can guarantee 35 photos/hour.

photo and video bundle

Book any video at regular price, and add photography for


*travel fees may apply

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